© Stan Eales


I have had hundreds of eco-cartoons published in Punch, Private Eye and The Spectator, amongst other publications. These below represent a fraction of my Eco 'ouevre'.

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  (Man in art gallery looking at scene outside) (Cottage behind facade of high rise)
(Country scene on top of high-rises)

"Isn't progress wonderful?"(Looking at concorde over polluted city)

  (Drooping lamp post, man and flower) "The neighbourhood sure has changed since i was a kid!"
"One day son, all of this will be hamburgers!"

(Stonehenge on top of high-rises)

  (Satan waiting to catch money from parking meter) (All roads leading to Rome)
(Punk and parrot with same colourings in drab city)

(Notes from tuba as pollutiion)

  (Plants and men leaning into the light from window and computer)  

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